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Do you look at your favourite style inspirations and wonder how do they get it perfect each time? How do fashion bloggers post stunning pictures in gorgeous outfits? Well, what you don’t know is that most of the celebrities and bloggers are expert at tweaking and styling one outfit into several others. They don’t own endless clothes but rather have the skill to play around with what they already own. Accessories, hacks and add-ons have the power to revamp a basic outfit into a newer one.

We agree that it can be a challenge to look stylish always. There are days when you just can’t put together the perfect look and end up wear something too basic. You may be short on time or may not have new options- which can restrict you from looking as good as you want. Worry not! We have a mini style guide to help you style your basic outfits.

1. Cuff your denims:

Love to wear denims? Make them look cooler by cuffing. Cuffing is when you fold the hem of your denims a bit.

Women who love to wear skinny jeans should cuff them about half an inch in width but not roll them more than twice. On the other hand, if you’re wearing boyfriend jeans, you should rather consider rolling 2- 3 times, without pressing them down.

Also, mess it up a little do avoid it looking too neat, as boyfriend jeans offer a much casual look. You can slip into boots or sneakers for a much casual look.

2. Hold your layers:

As we head towards winters, you can look bulky and messy during the colder months if you’re planning to wear multiple layers. To avoid this, put a trendy belt around your upper waist on top of your layers. This would also show off your body frame and make you look chic!

3. Knot up your baggy tee:

Want to go comfy? Wear an oversized tee shirt with leggings or a skirt. You can style this look by knotting the oversized tee in the front or on the side of your waist. This looks extremely fashionable and will also avoid making you look sloppy. Make sure that your bottoms are fitted to balance the outfit. You can even hit fitness apparels brands for options in both baggy tops and skinny leggings.

A quick tip! Practice knotting a couple of times at home before getting it perfect.

4. Accessorise with a blanket scarf:

Blanket scarves are oversized scarves, almost as big as a blanket. They are very warm and come in attractive colours.

A warm and cosy blanket scarf is a must-have during colder months. You can let it rest on your shoulders which would spark up your basic outfit real easy.

Go for a trendy check print in a bright colour over a neutral shade outfit. These are extremely easy to find in both cheaper and high-end brand stores.

5. Scarf it:

Not a jewelry person? Worry not! Dazzle up with a cute printed scarf and you will see how well it can style you up.

Use a neck scarf when wearing a printed collared shirt or a low cut. Or else, wrap it around your head for a chic, boho look. You can also tie it around the smallest part of your waist. Opt for a solid coloured scarf if your outfit is patterned. It’s all about balance!

6. Go bright:

For the ladies who prefer to wear basic solids and neutrals can style up with one bright fashion accessory. Brighten up your blues, blacks and greys with bright coloured and patterned bags, clutches or shoes.

Colours like reds, oranges, yellows, greens and patterns like florals, checks, polkas are great to rock the perfect outfit.

7. Own a glam piece:

Every wardrobe deserves a glamorous piece. Own a leopard print shirt or coat, a studded jacket or a lace dress for special occasions. You can also put on a neutral shade coat over such an outfit. These are a sure shot to glam up your simple outfit without having you to think too much.

Experiment with these simple tricks to style your everyday outfit. Don’t forget to add your own, personal touch to your outfit.

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