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 6 Tips To Style A Basic White Shirt

Almost everyone owns a white shirt. It is the most basic and can be used to create different looks. You just need to have a few styling ideas and voila! You have a new outfit using the same white shirt.

In fact, you can mix- n- match it and wear it on a variety of occasions, be it to your workplace, on a night out with friends or to brunch. You can almost never go wrong with this piece of clothing. You can look cool, casual, formal, or even sensual- all depending on how you style it.

We have a few styling tips that you can use and flaunt a new outfit every time, guaranteed to make you stand out from the crowd.

 6 Tips To Style A Basic White Shirt:

1. Flaunt It Under 

You can do some layering for an edgy outfit. Try wearing your white shirt under a flowy dress or a strappy top. This is a breezy summer or a spring outfit, perfect for a brunch or an evening out with friends.

It is also a cool way to show off your creative fashion side. You can also wear your shirt under a tank dress or a strapless top. Put on your favorite shoes, a funky handbag and you are ready to head out.

2. Wear It Backwards

Yes, wearing your shirt backward is a thing. A perfect outfit for shopping or a picnic would be a button-down shirt worn backward. It looks ultra-stylish and you can keep a few top buttons unbuttoned, making a small knot down in the middle.

Go ahead and select any type- a plain shirt or a shirt with some embellishment or embroidery. Either of these would look amazing. Wear skinny jeans and sneakers for a complete look.

3. Go High

Style A Basic White Shirt

For a sexy look, team up your shirt with high rise shorts, jeans, skirt, or pants. This is also perfect if you want to have a slimming effect on your waist.

Put on a broad belt along with your outfit. Slip-on a pair of peep-toe heels or wedges. Carry a big handbag to complete the look. Try to be minimum on the accessories for bringing maximum attention to your attire.

Any length of the skirt would work- be it a mini or midi. You can opt for a solid-colored or a double tone skirt. A broad belt would also look great for your outfit.  In fact, a perfect workplace outfit would be a white shirt with a pencil skirt. Slip-on a pair of heels and carry your favorite bag.

4. Corset It 

Style A Basic White Shirt

Put on a corset over a bright white shirt for a glamorous look. Get the shirt properly fitted and tailored. There should be no extra fabric as it would look messy and difficult to hide. Also, the hemline shouldn’t be too short.

This outfit is perfect if you want your waist to look slimmer. There are various types of corsets available too. Go in different colors and prints. Put on wedges and carry a sling bag. You will look absolutely perfect.

5. Tie It Up

For a cool summer look, tie your white shirt way up (like a crop top) and show off your stomach. Keep a few top buttons unfastened. Wear a pair of jeans or a skirt to go with it. Tie your hair up with a colorful hair tie. Put on a pair of sneakers and see the magic for yourself.

6. Beach Wear

Style A Basic White Shirt

Look hotter by wearing your white shirt unbuttoned while you lounge on the beach in your designer swimwear. It will look amazing over any swimwear- be it of any color or print. We ensure you that your photographs will be of envy of everybody.

Who knew that even the most basic white shirt can solve any problem. It will come to your rescue in the days when you don’t know what to wear. Team it up with different things owned by you and make multiple outfits. You can even wear hats or jewelry to go with it.

But if you don’t own one, invest in a quality white shirt and you won’t regret it. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and create your classy white shirt look.

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