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5 Ways To Dress Up Like A Boss Lady

When the term power dressing found its origin in the 1970s, it was literally defined as a gender-specific professional dress code that would help female workers acquire respect and power, at their respective workplaces. But little did anyone know that this concept might evolve into a fashion phenomenon, giving an authoritative significance to the appearance of women, establishing them further as a boss lady.

Numerous fashion gurus today consider dressing up as a new empowerment tool for career women that gives a strong message about their profession and their personality while exalting their self-esteem and confidence.

If you too intend to infuse such compelling details to your first impressions but don’t know where to start from, just sit back, relax and refer to our list of 5 expert suggestions that will let you celebrate the leader in you while also keeping it stylish.

5 Ways To Dress Up Like A Boss Lady:

1. Opt for a wearable outfit:

Professionalism demands to look good while being at it for long hours. And it’s absolutely needless to mention that you can’t look good if you don’t feel good.

You see, there’s no point wearing those stunning pointy heels if you keep stumbling everywhere. Or if you think you could suffocate yourself in that gorgeous looking bodycon, better go for something else. This is where comes the need for prioritizing comfort while choosing your work attire.

Also, color choices play a symbolic role in altering people’s perceptions of you. Therefore, select colors that don’t overshadow your personality, instead of conveying authority and power to those you come across. Spare yourself the effort and look for some decent deals in wholesale women’s clothing to find something that not only enhances your appearance but also ups your confidence quotient, thereby making you glow from within.

2. Stress on being well-groomed:

After checking comfort off the list, next comes the obligation of keeping it all clean for that impeccable impression. No matter how stylish your outfit is or how expensive your shoes are, if they are messy or stained, they reflect the same in your personality as well.

Make sure your clothes are properly ironed, your shoes are shining clean, your mane is done perfectly in simple chic styles, your nails are well-groomed with neutral shades of nail polish and your subtle makeup is always on point.

Your attention to neatness shall surely speak volumes about your efficiency at work as well.

3. Express with accessories:

You think people don’t notice, but honey, the fact is, they do!

Accessories can really lift or ruin an outfit. An attractive necklace or a statement ring or even an interesting pair of glasses can help you stand out in the crowd in a stylish way while also exuding authority. Though nothing you choose needs to be crazy expensive, you have got to be extra cautious that they catch the attention of your peers only in a positive way. Wardrobe distractions are a big no-no. Like your bag shouldn’t look like it could use a little repairing or that chunky necklace shouldn’t be speaking up on your behalf, disturbing others. So the key is to keep it simple but also expressive enough to spark conversations.

4. A blazer:

A classic blazer carries an unspoken suggestion of professionalism and sophistication. And a black blazer is the most versatile fashion ensemble to invest in. Doesn’t matter if it costs you a fortune, never think twice before buying a sharply tailored jacket or blazer, the kinds that you can pair up with any taste, age or profession.

You can ace any kind of look with it. Either match it up with a pantsuit or jeans.

Or even if you suddenly grow unsure of the level of formality at the professional gathering you are heading to, you can always toss your blazer and be instantly casual. Yeah, that’s the beauty we were talking about!

5. Keep nude heels in hand:

This one is more than a life savior for many women out there who exhaust themselves while struggling with finding a matching pair of shoes with their outfits.

Black heels might serve you the same purpose too but they don’t go with pretty much all the hues of clothes that sum up a boss lady. This is where a perfect pair of nude heels come to the rescue. Be it a ballet flat, boots, Mary Janes or pumps. Nudes are always the safest bet.

So the next time you wish to avoid those early morning hassles when you are done with finding the right shade of cadmium green to team up with your new dress, just put on that exquisite pair of nudes and walk like you own it all!

Weekends and holidays are all about lazing around in your tracks or your favorite workout leggings, but it is a known fact that power dressing can leave lasting impressions.

While picking up your OOTD, remember to ‘dress the way you wish to be addressed’. And always remember that, in the end, all that really matters is your own comfort and belief in yourself that contribute the maximum towards presenting yourself as a strong boss lady, an empowered role model.

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