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5 Types of Wedding Hats You’ll Rarely Come Across

Traditionally wedding hats have been associated with British weddings. But now it is becoming rapidly popular all around the globe. Adding a little bit of British panache to your special day will add more effect to your wedding.

Be it bride, bridesmaid or guests there is a wedding hat for everyone. A hat added to your attire makes you look stylish without any effort. A stylish hat can make your simplest of dress wedding-ready in a blink.

As it has been said, “There’s a hat for everyone and the only way to find one for yours is by trying on lots and lots of different styles. It’s just a matter of pulling up a brim or tilting it down at a specific angle to get your picture-perfect wedding look. TheHatsGuide has found a few types of hat that you can pull off during weddings. Check’em out:

5 Types of Wedding Hats:

1. The Homburg


The Homburg hat emerged from the Bad Homburg vor der Hone region. The hat was famous among the men as a daytime formal hat. The hat was worn by many male royals in the 2oth century but nowadays these hats are also popular among the female population.

You can surely pull off a homburg hat at a wedding, besides making you look stylish the hat does give royal vibes. So without any confusion, you can give the homburg hat a try during weddings.

2. The Trilby

Trilby hat

The hat got its name when George du Maurier’s novel “Trilby” was adapted to stage. The hat is somewhat similar to a fedora but it has a lower crown and shorter brim. This hat style was at its peak of popularity in the 1960s.

The hat is a trendy accessory worn by men and women alike. There are many royals that you can find that sports a trilby hat. You can take some inspiration from them for your own wedding look. These hats are fashionable and formal at the same time so it will be a fabulous choice for a wedding.

3. The Fascinator

Fascinator wedding hats

In ancient times women adorned their hairs with ribbons, feathers, pearls or whatever they found fancy. You can also choose pink wedding hats for your wedding. In recent times fascinators are a large decoration on a hairband or hair clip generally with feathers, ribbons, pearls, flowers, bows, etc. the fascinators do not cover the whole head.

As a bride, the best option here available is a fascinator. Not only this headpiece will make you look and feel like a princess it will also add a touch of your personality on your big day. The fascinators are highly recommended for a bride if she is interested in wearing a hat during the wedding.

The fascinators cannot only be worn by the bride but may also be adopted by the bridesmaid or the guests. This headpiece looks great on everyone and a wedding is such an event where you can flaunt these headpieces.

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4. The Cocktail

Cocktail hat

Image source

Before anything else let us take a look at the history of the cocktail hats. In the 1930s women were to wear daytime hats as it was required by the etiquettes. But these daytime hats did not go with the cocktail dresses.

Elsa Schiaparelli and Mr. John coupled a new hat which looked great with cocktail dresses. The cocktail hats reach its pinnacle of popularity in the 1950s. He cocktails hats are much smaller hats than the regular hats but still, it is a hat. Even in recent times the size and form of the cocktail hats did not change but now women are not restricted to wear it only in the late afternoon.

Most of the cocktail hats are embellished with dramatic trims like feathers, flowers or bows. The cocktail hat is a wise choice to adorn during a wedding ceremony as it serves the purpose of being a hat and also looks amazing on your head.

5. The Pillbox

Pillbox hat

Image source

The pillbox hat was in the fashion spotlight in the 1960s and from there it has been worn consistently not only by common people but also by royals. The characteristics of the pillbox hat are that it has no brim, has a flat crown and straight upright sides. The hat is perfect for a wedding. You can choose from different varieties of pillbox hats.

You can opt for a classic pillbox hat if you like to keep it simple or you can wear a textured one. Fur and faux fur pillbox hats will be a great choice for a winter wedding. There are other options also like bow trimmed pillbox or embellished pillbox hat.

Some Other Types Of Wedding Hats You Can Try   

I have shared the rarest types of wedding hats you can wear for your special day. Here are some other styles that you can explore to make a distinct style statement.

Cowboy Or Cowgirl Hats   

Western fashion is the order of the season. So, you can incorporate this trend into your wedding too.

Especially if you are having a boho-themed wedding or something inspired by cottagecore, you can always go for a cowboy or cowgirl hat.

A cowboy hat in neutral shades will be a perfect complement to your outfit. You can further get it stylized with a bow or artificial flower chains to exude a boho or earthy vibe. Being versatile, these hats will also be a great choice for your pre-wedding occasions.

However, be careful with your hairstyle if you are picking a cowboy/cowgirl hat for your wedding. You can leave your tresses open or curled up to keep your overall look definite.

Wear A Bridal Boater Hat For Your Special Day   

Do you have a penchant for vintage fashion? You can wear a bridal boater hat for your wedding. The beauty of these hats lies in the slightly tilted structure. Thanks to the construction of the hat, there is a whiff of elegance in your appearance.

Further, if you want your bridal look to be more feminine, you can go for a veiled boat hat. Let your groom make some effort before he kisses your lips.

These boat hats look great with a wide range of wedding gowns. However, thanks to the vintage vibe of these hats, they look great with classic white gowns.

In addition, if you want your bridal hat to look regal, add some pearl chains or stone embellishments to it.

How About A Beverly Hat For Your Wedding?   

Another style of hat that goes great with a boho-themed wedding is the Beverley hat. These hats exude a laid-back vibe that may be appealing to women who love to keep fashion minimalistic for every occasion.

The unique structure of the hat also allows you to keep your hairstyle basic. You can even keep your hair open if your head is covered with this hat.

Beverly hats are also versatile, like cowboy hats. So, you can wear them for your pre-wedding festivals. This hat is even great for bridesmaids and wedding guests in a countryside wedding.

Final Words   

Now you know so many different types of hats that you can adore a wedding. There are hats for everyone, from bride guests everyone can get a hat now. The hats make you look more stylish and to look like that all you have to do is put on a hat.

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