5 Fresh Ways to Wear Your Shoes Uniquely

Shoes are definitely precious. The role they play in fashion is something no other clothing element or accessory can replace. There are so many designs and types of shoes present wherever you look. It’s amazing to think that each day, you go out, go to work, stroll, commute, drive, walk, run, and it’s so rare to see people near each other wearing identical shoes brand and model. It won’t be easy to look for the one you’ve just seen from a stranger walking on the sidewalk while you’re inside a public bus.


Shoes designs are vast, and there’s definitely many to choose from. There are numerous designs that make a difference, but another that makes a huge variance as well is how they are worn. Shoes are as they are, but if you are tired of the same old way of wearing your own shoes, you should take a look at these 5 helpful tips you might want to consider! Here’s how you can wear your shoes uniquely!



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If you want something unusual, an attention-getter, then why don’t you try wearing something glittery on your feet. It’s rare to see glittery shoes (all the more so for men!), and that’s another thing that makes it distinct from others.


If you happen to find or see a pair somewhere, then it could be a great opportunity that calls you since it’s rarely found anywhere else. It a creative idea to pair your glittery shoes to dark combination of clothes, so that it contrasts your whole outfit and fits you too.




Another way to let your feet be eye-catching is to wear bright colored shoes that match your attire. Some might think that vibrant colored shoes are for the old times, but they can also be used today with a good sense of coordinating colors together. They can add brightness and saturation to a very dull outfit.



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For shoes with shoelaces, work on the laces to uniquely wear your shoes. Using two different laces for a pair of shoes can be an inventive way to wear your shoes. Shoelaces are very important, but they seem boring because they just do what they do — to tighten the stay of the feet inside the shoes. Since they are easily seen for they are just above the shoes, they can be your best pals when it comes to giving a bit of life to your shoes. You can wear unmatching shoelaces.



Flickr – Amanda Hirsch

For women, if you want to make your usual high-heeled shoes not your typical wedges, stilettos and pumps, put socks on your feet. It sounds weird to wear socks on heels but it has advantages. One, it somehow makes it easier to wear those high-heeled shoes because friction is lessened. Two, it’s cute.



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Lastly, if you want to have shoes that will make you stand out from others, customize the design of your shoes. They won’t find such pair anywhere else. Most especially for used, olden by time shoes, this is great! Personalized is heartwarming! Designing your shoes yourself  is very practical and artistic too!




There are many styles and designs of shoes, and everyone can just wear the same thing over and over again, without being questioned, but if you want to be a cut of above the rest, look for something above the usual and angles beyond what eyes can.



Nicole Ann Pore is a daytime writer for Mode Collective, a women’s shoe and leather accessories brand in Australia. Because of the course she took up in college, she has become interested in film critiquing and filmmaking. She is into events hosting and voice over acting and hosting. | Nicole is a graduate of Bachelor of Arts Major in Communication Arts from De La Salle University Manila, Philippines. | To God be the glory