3 Wonderful Bachelorette Special Custom T-Shirt Ideas for the Bride & Her Tribe

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Has the day finally arrived when your crazy yet adorable friend is seriously taking the vow? It must be surprising and overwhelming. Girls always discuss their D-day plans with each other such as what will the theme be, what will you wear, and where will it be held, and so on but when the real time comes, it is too good to be true. But to think it is actually happening, you must be planning for a grand bachelorette too. Usually, the bachelorette involves a lot of fun, music, dance, drinking, and a little bit of naughtiness. Nowadays, to make things even grander and better, people also invest in tiaras, sachets, and several other innovative props to spruce up the fun. The bride is adorned with a gorgeous tiara and made to wear a sachet that reads “Bride to be”. However, if you want to add a touch of your own and do something exclusive that has never been done before, then you can try customizing a t-shirt for all you, both the would-be bride and you, bridesmaids.

There are plenty of such t-shirt companies that offer the chance to customize tees for several occasions and people. All you have to do is order the custom t-shirt online according to the color, size, and write-up or image you want. And it will reach you in just a couple of days. So, while you are planning a gala night for you girlies with the bride being the center of attraction, make the celebration more fun and quirkier with uniquely designed customized tees. Here, we have put together a list of ideas for such bachelorette-special custom tees. Take a look.

Buy Me a Shot Because I’m Tying the Knot:

There are several ways of doing a custom tee plan on a bachelorette. But an interesting way would be to tell a story in the way you will be wearing the tees. So, for all the gorgeous bridesmaids, you can wear a t-shirt that reads ‘Buy Me a Shot’ while the would-be bride in your gang can don a tee that says, ‘Because I’m Tying the Knot’. If you read it together, it will form a complete sentence which can also be read from the voice of the bride who just wants to let loose and drink one last time before she gets hitched. It is a fun and yet innovative hint at starting with all the wedding fun.

What Happens at the Bachelorette Stays at the Bachelorette:

Usually, bachelorette parties have a lot of naughtiness involved. It is the last day of your single life and you have every right to paint the town before wearing the gown. And your crew of ladies is the only witness to all the craziness, fun, and mischiefs you will be doing on this night. Hence, the aptest thing to write on these custom bachelorette tees would be ‘What Happens at the Bachelorette, Stays at the Bachelorette’! You can also get a custom image of yourselves printed on each tee to add a bit of visual interest to the t-shirts.

One Last Swing before the Ring:

Bachelorette party means a night full of dancing and merry-making. And this could be the last dance for your friend before her wedding. So, keeping to the dancing theme, you can make a custom t-shirt that reads, ‘One Last Swing before the Ring’. But it is not your wedding and there are still a lot of adventures to embark upon before you settle down. So, as a bridesmaid, you can order a t-shirt that says, ‘One Last Swing before the Next Fling’.

So, while your friend begins her journey from ‘Miss’ to ‘Mrs’, you should also be a part of the celebration and be a part of her “forever”! Quickly look for t-shirt printing companies online and get started with the bachelorette special tees from today.

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