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3 Important Tips For Investing In Diamond Jewelry

It’s always sad to hear about people investing in a stunning piece of jewelry only to be disappointed later that it couldn’t hold its value the way the buyer had wished. The first thing to consider when investing in diamond jewelry is how much you enjoy the piece of jewelry as opposed to its potential for fetching a hefty price when sold later on. Many people buy jewelry to make a statement, to mark a milestone or as an accessory to complete any outfit.

But, just what should you consider when investing in diamond jewelry. Let’s take a closer look.

The Material :

The material from which a piece of jewelry is made should be your first and most important consideration when considering its value. For diamond jewelry such as those dazzling diamond wedding rings, Sydney jewelers offer, diamonds over one carat tend to hold value far better than those under one carat total weight. Clarity, carat, color, and cut are the important 4 Cs that must always be considered. When it comes to the cut, though, standard types tend to be better than the newer and trendier cuts. Clarity and color are usually more important in diamonds than carat or size. Talk to an expert jeweler to find out more about the 4 Cs.

The Workmanship :

While diamonds are certainly an important consideration when investing in jewelry, the quality of the construction and the metals are just as important. For instance, platinum may be more affordable than gold, yet platinum pieces tend to be costlier than gold since it is hard to work with in comparison. Despite its higher retail value, though, it just can’t hold its value on the secondary market the way gold can. Remember to watch out for hallmarks that are indicative of the metal’s composition. When it comes to gold pieces of jewelry higher carat pieces tend to hold value better. Just as important is the quality of construction that is indicative of the jeweler’s workmanship. For instance, an intricate ring setting usually holds its value over the years.

The Brand :

Some of the bigger names in the jewelry industry have a much higher likelihood of retaining their value over time. What’s more, some of the brands that are usually associated with costume jewelry also tend to have a higher market value even when they are not made of precious metals or diamonds.

The 3 tips we have discussed above will help to ensure that you invest in the best quality diamond jewelry that can hold its value the longest, so do keep these three tips in mind when you are ready to invest in diamond jewelry.

When it comes to purchasing beautiful pieces, it is always a good idea to buy jewelry that is meaningful to you – buying a diamond tennis bracelet just for the sake of it, or a statement watch to mark a career milestone or even an intricate ring to celebrate a special occasion is great ideas.

Overall, invest in diamond jewelry that will be enjoyed for a long time to come and perhaps someday passed on to loved ones of the people you deeply care about.

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