Healing Solutions Fractionated Coconut Oil – 16oz Bottle


About the product

PREMIUM QUALITY, MAXIMUM PURITY: THE BEST FEELING – Our premium grade All Natural and Organic 100% pure Coconut (Fractionated) (Botanical Name: Cocos nucifera) carrier oil is a great non-greasy, skin moisturizer that never clogs pores, stains, or irritates skin, instead it nourishes and soothes dry skin and gives the skin a smooth, baby-soft feeling.

MOST VERSATILE OIL AROUND – This Coconut (Fractionated) oil has many uses. As a PURE BASE OIL you can use it for making natural home recipes such as tooth paste, lip balm, moisturizers, aromatherapy, massage oils, lip balm, shampoos, conditions, soaps, face washes, shaving cream, homeopathic remedies, deodorants, make up remover, and even bug repellents, and hair growth serums. The uses are endless.

AN ESSENTIAL OIL FOR ANY HOUSEHOLD – Blend it with other Essential Oils or other carrier oils to get increased therapeutic benefits as it easily absorbs in skin for massage therapy, amazing for aromatherapy, natural home recipes, and homeopathic remedies.

ENHANCED SHELF LIFE – When combined with other Carrier or Essential Oils our fractionated ULTRA PURE Coconut (Fractionated) will increase their shelf life exponentially with no special handling or storage requirements. This is due to is very long shelf life and carrier attributes.

Healing Solutions is SUPERIOR because it offers 19 different 100% Pure and Natural Carrier Oils for blending/pairing including


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